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Eliki Olive Oil Awards & Customer Testimonials



The American Tasting Institute is extremely pleased to announce Eliki Extra Virgin Olive Oil as an American Taste Award winner and recipient of an Award of Excellence in Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil and Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil Organic.

The blind judging was conducted by a panel of professional Chefs in San Francisco. The products were judged on appearance, freshness, and, most importantly, taste. All products receiving the Award were judged "excellent" in all categories.

Products judged conform to ATI judging criteria. The judging honors all "excellent" products. Products judged "inferior" are not revealed.

There is absolutely no fee or obligation associated with an Award of Excellence.

The American Tasting Institute was founded by Chef Jesse Sartain and his professional Chef colleagues in 1993 to promote taste, safety, and nutritional standards. "Taste is our principle criterion," Sartain commented. "There are so many ill tasting products in the general market that our Chefs are compelled to guide consumers and foodservice buyers to a better experience. Good taste can be so easily achieved!"


Dear Panagiotis:

Great! You're entirely welcome. It's been a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks 4 all your help & patience on this order. We really appreciate your efforts. You folks have certainly demonstrated a very professional manner. Keep up the good work. We will probably be repeat customers for a long time. Thanks again.

Sincerely, Blake McBride

Thank you for the credit. The Olive Oil is delicious and I am singing your praises at work. Hopefully this will result in some more orders from Middle Georgia. Thanks again.

Jim Ott

After placing my order I received a confirmation letting me know when my order would arrive. It arrived earlier than expected!!!! Great company to do business with and the olive oil is out of this world!!! Higher quality than I had expected!

Shonda Larson

Great olive oil and great service. I am glad that I finally found the kind of olive oil that I used to have when I lived in Greece and Italy years ago. Keep up the good work.

Greg Reynolds

Excellent olive oil. Great service.

Orhan Karaali

I received a confirmation email very fast and product arrived in a timely manner in good shape!! Will definitely purchase again!

David Chernich


I received your olives here in Japan - thank you very much. The olives I have tried so far have been absolutely delicious! I will most certainly be placing more orders in the future from Japan. You'll definitely keep me as a customer. Thanks again, and I'll be in touch again soon.


Seth Hartdegen (Saku, Japan)

Best Olive Oil I've had since I was in Greece in 1978. When it came, I immediately through away the store bought bottle and had a taste of yours and it was magnificent!

Judith Loring

Very very very Good enjoyed products to the utmost.

James Handjis

Great communications on their part and very efficient delivery. Thanks.

Rose Marie Puncke


James Jones

We were very impressed with their attention and advising us when the shipment was mailed, etc. We are also pleased with the products we order. Have already recommended them to a friend.

Joseph Kerr

I was pleased to get order confirmation and shipping details the very next day after I ordered. That way, I was able to track the shipment and know when to expect delivery.

Heather Means

I bought a bottle today at the Farmers Market in West Hollywood while visiting my daughter. It is FABULOUS and I know I will make it my oil of choice. Are there any retail stores carrying it in the Bay Area now? If not, I will order by email.

Thanks, Eileen Adams

Thank you! Thank you! I owe you one, and will surely prove to be a return customer because of your kindness and cooperation!


Oil is nice, smooth, and very light. Thanks for the shipment!

Niko Pamboukas

Dear Sir or Madam;

I have been using your oil in my kitchen for several months now and I am now using my first 3 liter can of your certified organic oil. I really love your oil, I use it for almost all my cooking needs, even baking cakes. I notice that your cans are dated, and I am curious to know what the relationship is between the date on the can and the date of production. Is it one year, two years or three years from the date of harvest and production? Please let me know, I love your product! Thank you,

Steve Burkhart

Yes, we are definitely enjoying your Olive Oil; very very smoooooooooooooooth. Do you folks make a Grape seed oil also?

Phyllis Von Miller

Thanks for the very excellent organic olive oil that arrived several days ago. I cannot find on the bottle lables a harvest date or a pressing date. Is this information available?

Thanks PHF

As far as i am concerned, there is no other olive oil. This stuff is soooooooooo good. All their products are excellent and their service is great, too. They go out of their way to make sure you are satisfied.

Bill Sturdevant

Dealing with this merchant has been an absolute delight! It is very refreshing to have a merchant that can be emailed and responds very quickly to any concern. Great customer service is something that is very rare this day in time, so when a merchant provides great customer service, they stand out of the crowd. Outstanding, prompt, courteous! three words that describe Eliki.


Thank You Very Much For Your Reply;

The discount for the 500ml bottles is a very nice gesture. I would be glad to take the larger bottles as the organic 250ml bottles are out of stock. Please go ahead and make the change, and process the order. We'll probably use it quickly enough so that it won't be open too long - which is why we purchase the smaller bottles. I thought the oil would stay fresher if we used smaller bottles should there period of time when we did not use the oil as much. By the way, we started using Greek Olive Oil when friends brought some back to us from a trip to Greece. When we first used it in a recipe that had been used for years (chicken), it tasted excellent - in fact it did not taste anything like it ever had, so much so that both my wife and I noticed immediately. The difference was so profund we repeated cooking the same meal to see if the oil had made that much of a difference - again it tasted wonderful - the only thing which had changed was using the olive oil. We quickly used up the oil we received as a gift, and found it almost impossible to locate Greek olive oil in any stores - plenty of Italian oil, but no Greek. I then resorted to the Internet and found your web site, which is very professional, informative, and easy to navigate. You should be proud of your web site, and the excellent products you offer. And this discount only serves to so how much you value your customers.

Respectfully, Wayne Rosen

Excellent olive oil and best possible service.

Dawn Diamond

Very friendly and helpful folks; and their product is EXCELLENT! Ditto 4 their service; I had no sooner placed it than it arrived on my doorstep! Can't beat that, ja?

Phyllis von Miller

They, at Eliki, made a personal call to to help clarify my order. The olive oil arrived in good condition and it's the best tasting olive oil that I have ever had. They will be a regular merchant for me. Thank you,

James Cross.

Rating: Excellent Comments: Great olives, quite tasty.

Scott Nesbitt

Rating: Excellent Comments: Always dependable and fast! Great Folks to deal with.

Judith Loring

I am using the oil for EVERYTHING: I am using it on salads in stead of salad dressing, I am using it to fry my occasional scrambled eggs, I am using it everywhere I used to use butter and many other things; and I am telling all of the people at my work about your site! Thank you for a wonderful product.

~Mary Anne

Rating: Excellent Comments: pretty good patchouli soap, though the fragrance isn't the same as it was in the '60's!

Sylvia Guthrie

To all employees of Eliki olive oil-

I have just sampled the finest tasting, most sparkling olive in existence. Eliki olive oil is superb. Your product is liquid gold. Olive oil produced by Eliki, from the country of Greece, is truly the finest.

I am impressed. With your olive oil, i feel as though I could live forever.

G.W. Van Kirk.

I cannot stop singing the praises of this product or the company! The color, the taste, the price, the detailed handling of my orders.....the best! I am grateful to have found Eliki

Phyllis Von Miller

Eliki Olive Oil was tops with me in communication with the company and there service. The olive oil I purchased is the best quaility I have found.

Don Philbeck

I bought some oil at a street fair in LA near the Biltmore. This is the best olive oil I've ever had.

Many thanks!

John Andrews

Eliki olive oil is the best I have ever used.

Steven M. Kordis

Have ordered from Eliki many times now and as always, fast service and absolutly the best product (Olive Oil) you can find.

Tony Cawthorne

Rating: Excellent Comments: Price Rating:Excellent Shipping Options Rating:Excellent Delivery Rating:Excellent Ease of Purchase Rating:Excellent Customer Service Rating:Excellent Title: Body:Eliki Olive Oil has always provided excellent goods and service to me.

Leo Paul de Alvarez

I've dealt with this company for several years, and they have always been great with good products (their olive oil is the best) and have always promptly answered any questions. I highly recommend them.

Walter Wise

This olive oil is absolutely outstanding. I received some as a birthday gift and I bought some for Christmas gifts. It arrived in a timely manner and I was pleased with the service.

Marrie Lee Weiss

My wife and I believe they sell the best olive oil we have ever found. Recently we discovered their soap which is another fantastic find. Simplly put - they sell high quality product(s).

Monte Hogan

I have been buying Olive Oil from this Company for quite awhile and I have told and shared with family and friends about how great this product is. They all agree. Thank you for the opportunity to rate such a great Company. I am well pleased.

Barbara Thomas

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