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Greeting from our Management

Dear Friend,

Are you using olive oil in your diet? If you are not, you should probably think about it. It has been shown by numerous studies that high quality 100% extra virgin olive oil is very beneficial for our health. On top of that, it tastes great. Nutritionists have accepted the Mediterranean Diet as one of healthiest diets known and they highly recommended it for people of all ages.

The Mediterranean diet involves the daily consumption of olive oil. We are happy that we are able to provide you with the highest quality of olive oil available on planet earth.

The problem with olive oil is that it is extremely difficult to find high quality 100% extra virgin olive oil at your local supermarket and if you do, it will be very expensive. Most of the oils sold at supermarkets in the US are mixtures of various kinds of oils that are designed to reduce cost and increase profits. Relaxed regulations with respect to labeling of olive oil in the U.S. allow olive oil companies to label their products as “Extra Virgin Olive Oil” despite the fact that most of these oils are mixtures of low quality. We, as a company and as individuals, do not subscribe to this philosophy. We have as a policy to offer to our customers the highest quality of 100% extra virgin olive oil available at the lowest possible price. Our olive oil recently received the prestigious "American Taste Award of Excellence" in a blind judging that was conducted by a panel of professional Chefs in San Francisco.

Remember, in order for the olive oil that you use to have all the beneficial effects on your health and the great taste that real olive oil is known for, it has to be real 100% olive oil juice and nothing else. This is very hard to find. Do yourself a favor and go to your local supermarket. Check the selves for an olive oil that says on the label "100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil" or "Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 100% Olive Juice". Chances are you will not find an olive oil like this. Why? Because almost all olive oils available in your local supermarket are low quality mixtures. They are allowed by law to print on the label "Extra Virgin Olive Oil", but they cannot print "100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil" because that would be a lie.

Our company specializes in the distribution of very high quality gourmet and organic olive oil from Greece. The brand that we carry is named “Eliki” and is one of the best (we think that it is the best) olive oils available in the U.S. market. Our olive oil is 100% Extra Virgin Olive Juice. We invite you to try our olive oil and to decide for yourself if it is better or not than the brand you are currently using.

Our olive oil is priced very competitively and can be purchases at local farmers' markets in the Los Angeles area, at our restaurant and through our website. Our olive oil is not available in supermakets in the Los Angeles area.

For detailed information about our high quality “Eliki Extra Virgin Olive Oil” and about olive oil in general, please take a look at the various pages of our website. We have made an effort to provide you with enough information about olive oil so that you can make informed decisions about the olive oil that you use in your home. In order to order some of our premium quality Eliki olive oil online, please click on the link below.


To order our balsamic and fig-sweetened vinegar and blends of these delicious vinegars with our organic olive oil, please click on the link below.


To order some of our tasty Kalamata and green Greek olives, please click on the link below.


To order some of our selected and hard to find Greek food items, please click on the link below.


To order homemade garlic spread, hot sauce or sweet & sour sauce, please click on the link below.


To order olive oil soap, please click on the link below.


To order our truly magnificent handmade all-natural soaps that contain our organic "Eliki" olive oil, please click on the link below.


To order lotion, shampoo, facial scrub, body scrubs, bath crystals, body oils, etc., please click on the link below.


If you have any questions or if there is anything that requires our assistance, please feel free to give us a call at 310-756-2465 and at 310-645-9555. Our order processing system is very safe and your credit card and personal information are absolutely safe with us. However, if you do not wish to use your credit card online to purchase our products, you can always send us a check or money order and we will ship you the items that you need.


Alice Eddy

President / Owner Eliki Olive Oil, LLC

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