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Unfiltered Cold-Pressed California Albequina Olive Oil, Case of 3.0 lit. Cans

This is a very nice unfiltered olive oil from central California. Is is produced from the Albequina olives, which is a quite popular and very nice Spanish variety. It is cold-pressed, it is 100% extra virgin and it has very low acidity. The acidity of this olive oil is guaranteed to be always below 0.5%. The olive oil that we have in stock right now, has an acidity of 0.24%, which is absolutely amazing. It is a very smooth and very light oil that is excellent for dipping, for cooking and for salads. It is significantly lighter than our Greek olive oil and even lighter than our Manzanillo olive oil.

This olive oil is of very good quality and holds quite well. We offer a money back guarantee that the oil will not go rancid for one year after purchase. There is no need to refrigerate it. You must however keep it in a cool and dark place.

This olive oil is packaged in our Eliki 3.0 lit. cans for better value. You can purchase a single 3.0 lit. can of this wonderful unfiltered California Albequina olive oil for $39.99 or a case of six 3.0 lit. cans (18 lit. total) for $227.94 (5% discount).

Unfiltered Cold-Pressed California Albequina Olive Oil, Case of 3.0 lit. Cans (18.0 lit. total) Item # C204$227.94

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