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About Us

We are just bloggers with one goal, to review all the oils. 
This website is a blog and we are not related to any company or any registered trademark.

Vernon Knowles

At first it was my passion to discuss and dive deeper in various of oils once I finally decided to get even more public and create this blog where people can find all the needed information about Oils, their benefits and how and where to get them. More about me? I am an oils addict and always try to figure out what's new in the world of oils.

Elsie A. Walker

My role is to make sure all this pure gold information reached the right audience so it can go viral and land on people's bookmark tabs. I am a full time marketer, social media addict!

Justina Barnhill

Even though Vernon has a great content idea, he newer writes them in a correct and interesting format. That's where comes my magic hands. I edit and make the text alive. P.s I am a mother of 2 kids and I love to travel.